Social Networking Presence

Are you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?
How well do you really know your audience?
Do you know their likes, dislikes, needs, fears, wants, and challenges?

Getting to know and understand your customers and prospects is the key to growing your business.

The following 5 tips we help you with to maximize your social media presence.

1. Know your audiences

Know your audience - What segmentation are you talking to and who are you targeting? Identifying the stakeholders in your business environment and understanding what they want to hear from you will ensure that not only your social media presence is successful but also help across your entire marketing communications.

Reach more audiences - Social media can help you tap into audiences which previously were at a great distance away; you can monitor activity or become part of the community.

2. Plan your content

Planning your content across a period of time can save a great deal of time and resource.
We create a theme or subject Instead of writing copy or developing communications for one marketing activity, why not create a theme or subject which can be used across a multitude of media? Traditional communications activities and promotions can also be integrated into the social media presence - it's simply another way of getting a targeted message to your audience.

3. Use readily available tools

We use one or more available social media tools. There are many, many tools and applications that make using social media a great deal easier. Such tools help you to:

Ensure your content is coordinated and give your marketing communications an integrated approach

Measure effectiveness and monitor your presence (instant notification of your organization being discussed on social media opens your eyes to a whole new intelligence gathering mechanism)

So social media is a great platform for measuring and monitoring but what exactly are you looking to measure and monitor?

We don't measure and monitor for the sake of it. We make it meaningful to your business or your campaign objective. For example, do you want to get a certain amount of followers on Twitter? If so, make it in for a particular audience instead of across the board.

4. Don't use in isolation

We make sure to integrate social media with your other marketing & PR activity. Your social media presence is a bit like your own TV channel or billboard, but instant. It goes out to a mass audience straightaway and often on a personal 1-2-1 level. For those used to a B2B market this can, in some cases, be daunting and difficult to comprehend. We don't forget to:

Plan your social media in line with your marketing and PR activity. When one campaign or activity is planned this should be combined with social media as it lends itself perfectly to integrated communications.

Make sure your communications across your other marketing activities and media match your social media or are the same.

We use many available social media tools. The tools available also aid integration. It needs thought, planning and resource. Watching some companies hand over their social media presence without a clear strategy or thought is certainly an eye opener.

5. Don't forget its 2-way

Communications is about 2-way conversation. Social media is a great platform for your organization to actively engage in 2-way communication with targeted audiences.